Detroit Metrorail Map


This Detroit transit fantasy map has absolutely no geographic accuracy, but is quite comprehensive in its scope and connectivity of the metro Detroit region. The rail lines reach all the way to Auburn Hills and  include Selfridge, Kensington, White Lake, and Ann Arbor.

“Detroit’s roads are lacking, urban sprawl is out of control, the inner city is fledgling, the state budget and Detroit budget are in crisis, pollution is still a concern, people spend hours in backups, and yet, politicians do nothing. Why? I’m not one to ask to speculate, but I am one to try to come up with a solution. Polls in recent years have said the same thing time and time again, the people of the Detroit region want better mass transit. Not only would it ease a clogged road system tied down to millions of spending for repair and upgrade, but it would also introduce more commerce to areas that only currently serve a majority of neighborhood residents. Just think about it, being able to go to the big game or show without leaving hours in advance due to traffic backups, having a more reliable way to work and be able to access new areas that weren’t open before to serious job inquiries. It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing.” – BT

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