Detroit Average Neighborhood Rent Prices

DET_rentThis map represents an inadequate data set, but provides an interesting picture nonetheless. I was really curious about rent around the city when my wife and I were apartment searching in Sept. 2012, I found the data from Zillow and decided to put it together. Zillow updates their data each week, so this is from data accessed on 18 Feb 2013.

Many activists in Detroit have commented that there needs to be rent control in the city or we will lose the diverse make up of our neighborhoods. What many people don’t realize is that Cass Corridor/Midtown used to have the highest rate of concentrated poverty in the nation, and had the most drug and violent crime in Michigan. It wasn’t until gentrification in the 1990s led to redevelopment and we now see the hip, young, focus on the heart of Detroit’s renewal.


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