Featuring and Creating Great Maps of Detroit!

Learn more about William Bunge and the Detroit Geographic Expedition and Institute, or parking, neighborhoods, and transit in Detroit? Where is all the Detroit Future City data anyway? Check out all the cool maps you can find Around the city too!

We love Detroit maps and geography. We like to encourage others to make their own maps too (digital or handmade). Join in and #MapDetroit!
  • det-annex-1891

    Map: Detroit Annexation 1891

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  • det-traffic-study

    Map: Detroit Area Traffic Destinations 1955

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  • det-toxic-release

    Map: Income, Race, and Toxic Release in Detroit

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  • det-public-lighting-1897

    Map: Detroit Streetlights 1897

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  • detroit_interurban_1280

    Map of Detroit Interurban Lines 1915

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  • DetroitHOLC-MED_2000

    Detroit Redlining Map 1939

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  • det-gas-emissions

    Map: Detroit Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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  • m1rail_buff

    Map: Will the M1 Rail Streetcar Serve Detroit Residents?

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  • dgei-trumbull0001

    Map: General Condition of Structures in the Detroit Trumbull Community

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  • det-street-map-transparency

    Detroit Street Map Transparency

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  • ethnic-migrations-detroit

    Map: Ethnic Migrations in Detroit 1900 – 1950

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  • IMG_1116

    Skillman Foundation Loves Detroit Maps and Data

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  • det_bus_accessibility

    Map: Detroit Bus Availability and Walkability

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  • det-blueprint.png

    Happy GIS Day Detroit!

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  • detroit_precinct_map_1963

    Map: Detroit Crime Increases 1963

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  • det-downtown-direction

    Map: One-Way Streets in Downtown Detroit

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  • det-rings

    Map: The Empty Business Rings of Detroit

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  • IMG_1123-0

    #MaptimeDETROIT Community Mapping Current Practices

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  • det-six-radial

    Map: Six-Radial Pattern of Urbanization from Detroit

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  • det-subcomm-1952

    Map: Detroit by Subcommunities 1952

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  • det-higher-ed

    Map: Attainment of Higher Education in Detroit

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