Featuring and Creating Great Maps of Detroit!

Learn more about William Bunge's Detroit Geographic Expedition and Institute, or parking, neighborhoods, and transit in Detroit? Where is all the Detroit Future City data anyway?

We love Detroit maps and geography. We like to encourage others to make their own maps too (digital or handmade). Join in and #MapDetroit!

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  • inferior-ed

    Map: Inferior Education in Detroit 1960

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  • Detroit_Map

    Map of Inner-City Detroit 1999

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  • auto-industry-1960

    Map of Detroit Auto Industry 1960

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  • sympathetic-ethnic-groups

    Map: Detroit’s Sympathetic and Unsympathetic Ethnic Groups 1960

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  • 301403203_c30241bb51_b

    Downtown Road Surface Map

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  • d3_districts

    Proposed Detroit City Council Districts and Neighborhoods Map

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  • fitzgerald_history

    Map: Fitzgerald in Past, Present, and Future Detroit

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  • Map of Detroit on a Real Good Chair

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  • dfc_nhoods

    Detroit Future City “Neighborhoods” Map

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  • cass land owners

    Map: Cass Corridor Land Owners 1971

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  • Suburbia-County

    Map: Detroit vs. Suburbia County 1980

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  • HermanKiefer-map

    Map inside Herman Keifer complex

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  • 574502_446910325380797_1233297171_n

    Map of Where to Recycle in Detroit

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  • Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 8.05.18 AM

    Map: Polish Foreign Population 1960

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  • Map: Air Qualities Around Detroit’s Public Schools

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