Featuring and Creating Great Maps of Detroit!

Learn more about William Bunge's Detroit Geographic Expedition and Institute, or parking, neighborhoods, and transit in Detroit? Where is all the Detroit Future City data anyway? Check out all the cool maps you can find Around the city!

We love Detroit maps and geography. We like to encourage others to make their own maps too (digital or handmade). Join in and #MapDetroit!

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  • det-higher-ed

    Map: Attainment of Higher Education in Detroit

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  • park-playfield-1972

    Map: Acres of Park and Playfield Space in Detroit 1972

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  • detroit-dental-aid

    Map: Detroit Dental Aid Referrals 1958

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  • maptimeDETROIT3

    Event: #Maptime Detroit

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  • 2014-10-16 06.25.48 pm

    Live Detroit Bus Map: Watch Detroit’s buses sweep around the city

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  • bike-business

    Data: Bicycle Shops and Businesses in Detroit

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  • Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 12.11.59 PM

    Detroit Digital Data Matrix Map

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  • photo 3

    Detroit Hand Maps for Social Justice

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  • Trumbull-Displace

    Map: Trumbull Households Displaced by Urban Renewal 1971

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  • detroit-grocery-pic

    Data: 77 Full-line Grocery Stores in Detroit

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  • corktown

    Map: Corktown Animated Over the Years

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  • corktown-history-map

    Map: Corktown’s Evolving Boundaries

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  • expressways_1959

    Detroit Area Expressways Map 1959

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  • ddf_locations

    Map: Detroit Design Festival and the Myth of the Blank Canvas

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  • detroit-demo-house

    Data: Hardest Hit Fund Demolitions in Detroit

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  • detroit_hmda

    Map: Discriminatory Mortgage Lending in Detroit

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  • HHF_Demos_PubicMap_7_29

    Map: Hardest Hit Fund Demolitions in Detroit

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  • detroit-density-years

    Detroit Region Population Density Map 1970 – 2010

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  • coopen_banner_data-300x300

    Workshop: Data, Mapping, and Research Justice

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  • detroit-growth-pictograms

    Map: Growth of Detroit in Pictograms

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  • typo_detroit

    Typographic Map of Detroit

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